Experienced financial professionals with integrity, contact us!

If you are a financial planner looking to find the best solutions for your clients, look no further.

Our businesses core is client centric rather than the pushy sales approach that many link with the financial services industry. We want to separate ourselves from the rest and provide holistic and transparent financial planning which gives the best outcome for our clients.

The International market for financial services has a lousy reputation and we are here to lead the way with a different approach.

We are not target driven and instead believe our team should be self-motivated and focused on building a rapport with their clients. This will lead to business development through a happy rising client base.

If you enjoy your job but feel pressured to sell rather than to nurture your existing client relationships, then you'll be very likely to prefer furthering your career with Proctor Wealth Associates. This industry is evolving and we are leading the way with a different business model.

We are looking for experienced financial professionals who already have a client base. We provide a comprehensive IT structure which is market leading to help you maintain your clients investments and support your ongoing client relationships. We also provide access to a vast range of different investment options for your client's and have established relationships with the best offshore investment platforms. If you're interested in finding out more and moving your clients to a new and more conscientious company, then contact our recruitment department at careers@pwa-intl.com. We work with individuals around the world - so your location can be flexible!